Thanking residents for their patience during Beverley Arms construction

As the opening of the new Beverley Arms Hotel draws closer, Denis thanks local residents for their patience and perseverance during the 18 months of construction work, now coming to an end as the hotel prepares for its opening in July.

                                                       (June 2018)

Finding a solution to the Molescroft dog walking field issue

Denis intervened on a planning application to keep a popular dog walking field open in Molescroft, while at the same time ensuring that the owner made the car park secure to keep people safe.

(May 2018)

Making sure the Council communicates well with businesses and residents on the North Bar Within resurfacing work

Denis has encouraged the Council to communicate effectively with businesses and residents affected by the North Bar resurfacing work which is about to commence.

(May 2018)

Securing the funding for new Ivan Usher Memorial Stand at Beverley Town FC

Denis has secured £10,000 from the Council's "Commuted Sums" funding pot, for a new stand at

Beverley Town FC in memory of the late Ivan Usher, a well known figure in Beverley who inspired generations of children and adults to improve their fitness.


Photo:  Denis with Ivan's widow, Hilary and son Greg, on the site of the new stand at Beverley Town FC on Norwood.

(April 2018)

Helping Pasha get permission for his exciting new Beverley venture

Denis persuaded the planning committee to give Turkish barber, Pasha Durna, an opportunity to establish an innovative Mediterranean style cafe in Beverley, roasting his own coffee beans and providing delicate ice creams and other delicacies in the shop next door to his Barber's shop. Council officers wanted to say "no" to the plan, but Denis argued that we shouldn't be stifling creative ambition, and councillors on the planning committee voted to agree with him. Pasha now has his opportunity.

(March 2018)



Pasha gets his chance, thanks to Denis

Calling for the "book to be thrown" at the yobs who smash up Beverley on a Saturday night

Denis has called for the courts to "throw the book" at yobs who think it's clever to smash up Beverley's shops on Saturday nights and fight in the taxi queue.

The tiny minority who cause trouble in the town on Saturday nights are "not fit to be at large after bedtime," said Denis

(March 2018)

Through his patrols with the Street Angels, Denis has seen for himself the yobbish behaviour of a tiny minority of people out to spoil Saturday nights in Beverley for everyone.

Raising concerns about stress related sickness among our teachers. East Riding Tories say Denis and our teachers should "stop bleating."

At a Council meeting, Denis raised the issue of teacher stress, and pointed out that the number of teachers on long term stress absence in the East Riding is amongst the highest in the country. Denis proposed that the Council writes to the Education Secretary to express their concerns.  The Conservatives said Denis was "obnoxious" for daring to raise the plight of our teachers and kicked out his proposal. They said Denis should "stop bleating" about our teachers.

(March 2018)

East Riding Mail political editor, Angus Young, writes


"At last week's full council meeting, Conservative Bryan Pearson couldn't resist having a go at Denis Healy for having the gall to table a motion highlighting an increase in the number of local teachers taking long term leave for distress.

Labelling the motion as "spurious and obnoxious," Cllr Pearson went on to declare there was "no basic truth" in the figures presented by Cllr Healy.

Apparently, no one had told Cllr Pearson beforehand that the figures were actually provided by his own council following a Freedom of Information request."

(East Riding Mail 2/3/18)

Raising concerns as East Riding teachers' stress levels soar by over a third in a year

Denis raises the issue of teacher stress with the Council after figures reveal that teacher absence in the East Riding due to stress has risen by over a third in the last 12 months. 

Denis asks the Council to expess their concerns to the Education Secretary

(February 2018)

Helping residents win their case against over development of town centre site

A developer wanted to squeeze 5 flats into a small building in the town centre, with inadequate parking provision. It was a significant over development of the site.Denis supported residents with their objections and spoke at the planning meting. This resulted in planning permission being refused. Another victory for people power.

(February 2018)

Supporting local residents worried about 70ft high phone mast near their homes

Denis successfully supported residents who were worried about a 70ft high phone mast being situated next to their homes. Denis helped persuade the Council to ask the phone operators to think again about where to site the mast.

(February 2018)

Helping Beverley Golf Club secure £26k to restore ancient Westwood Mill

Denis helped Beverley & East Riding Golf Club to successfully bid for £26k funding from  a pot of money held by the Council called "Commuted Sums." This is money paid by house builders to be used for community leisure projects. The Club are using the money to restore the ancient Ante Mill, and turn it into a heritage centre for use by the whole community. It is part of Beverley's heritage.

(February 2018)

Encouraging Council to consult traders to minimise disruption during North Bar Within resurfacing

Denis encourages Council to consult with local traders before major resurfacing work commences on North Bar Within in April.

(February 2018)

Back on patrol with Beverley Street Angels

Denis spent another January night on patrol with Beverley Street Angels, local volunteers who help keep people safe in the town centre on Saturday nights. It was an eventful night which included helping a young girl get to hospital and cleaning broken glass in Saturday market. "Communities are at their best when people look out for each other," said Denis, "and we are so lucky in Beverley to have such a dedicated band of volunteers willing to give up their time to help other."

Sweeping up broken glass with the Street Angels late on a Saturday night

(January 2018)

Ensuring residents' voices are heard in siting of controversial phone mast 

Residents living next to the new Beverley Arms Hotel are concerned about plans for a 70ft high telephone mast to be situated next to their properties. Denis is ensuring their voices are heard and asking the developer to consider a less intrusive positioning of the mast.

(January 2018)

Denis with residents next to the temporary mast on the Beverley Arms Car Park

Winning the campaign to save Beverley's direct train services; People Power wins the day

Northern Rail confirmed this week that they have changed their minds over scrapping the direct train service from Beverley to Doncaster and Sheffield following the successful petition and local campaign led by Denis.

(December 2017)

Calling for our region to get its fair share of national rail investment

As the Transport Secretary announces billions of pounds for rail investment in the coming decade, Denis calls on the Council to have a positive approach to encourage investment in new rail infrastructure for the East Riding.

(December 2017)

Supporting local residents with planning concers

Residents in Tiger Lane asked Denis to help them oppose a planning application which would lead to significant over development in a town centre bulding and add considerably to parking problems for residents in the town centre.

(November 2017)

Calling to put the brakes on 'yob' drivers who race around Tesco car park late at night

Denis is working with the Council, Tesco and the police to address the problem of yob drivers speeding around Tesco Car Park late at night, causing misery for  local residents who deserve better.

(November 2017)

Getting the Council to think again about Sigston Road residents speeding petition

Residents who petitioned the Council for speeed measures on Sigston Road  following a collision,were told by the Council that there hadn't been enough accidents on the road to justify speed restictions.

Denis argued at a Council  sub committee that it was unacceptable for the Council to wait until people had been injured in accidents before residents' speed concerns would be heeded. It was agreed that the Council would reconsider their recommendation and see what speeding prevention measures could be introduced.

(October 2017)

Working to save                          Beverley Community Lift

Beverley Community Lift, the local charity that provides much needed transport services for elderly and disabled people is under threat from proposed new rules from the  Government's Department for Transport.  Denis is urging people to lobby their MPs and Government to support a local charity that faces an uncertain future.

(October 2017)

A new boutique bar for Beverley? Encouraging residents to have their say.

A new planning application has been submitted to convert two shops on Lairgate into a boutique bar. Denis is working with residents, the applicant and planners to get the right outcome for Beverley and is encouraging people to submit their views.

                                                        (October 2017)

Beverley's Cafe Velo  saved from closure

Cafe Velo, a popular Beverley Cafe with a cycling theme, was saved from closure after officers were originally refusing change of use planning permission. Denis brought the application to the planning committee and spoke on it at the meeting.

                                                      (September 2017)

Intervening in the Cafe Velo dispute to ensure a happy ending

Denis intervened when Cafe Velo, a popular Beverley Cafe was facing a recommendation from council officers for refused planning permission following noise complaints. In the end a compromise solution was found when the planning committee gave itsapproval for the Cafe to continue while making recommendations to restrict the noise.

(September 2017)

Standing up for Molescroft residents ignored by the Council over parking problems on their street

Denis is standing up for Molescroft residents who are being ignored by the Council in their request to fix parking problems in their steet. It's about time the Council started listening to the residents they are accountable to.

(September 2017)

Urging the Council to minimise traffic disruption during roadworks at major roundabout

As the Council announces major new road works at a key traffic roundabout on the A1079, Denis is asking the Council what they are doing to minimise disruption and prevent a repeat of the autumn of traffic chaos we endured last year.

(September 2017)

Welcoming the news of GP surgery expansion

Denis welcomed the news that Beverley & Molescroft GP surgery on Lockwood Road has received planning permission for expansion. Denis attended the planning meeting that gave the green light to the expansion of a much needed NHS service in the area.

                                                  (September 2017)

Council backs down over plans to sell off part of the much loved Archery Field. Another victory for people power.

Denis and local residents have persuaded the Council to change its mind over selling off part of the much loved Archery Field green space. Another victory for people power.

(August 2017)

Helping town centre residents with parking issues

The problem of parked cars in residential town centre areas in Beverley is becoming more severe, as vehicles from out of town are left in residential streets. Denis is conducting a consultation with residents in the Westwood Way area to see whether or not they want a Controlled Parking Zone. This is often a double edged sword, and the Council need to give more thought to how building all these extra houses will impact on residents being able to park outside their own houses in the town centre.

(August 2017)

Working to protect Beverley's green spaces

The Council is considering selling a small plot of the much loved "Archery Field."  This has caused major concerns from local residents who have asked Denis to make representations to the Council on their behalf.

                                                              (July 2017)

Northern Rail signals rethink over plan to axe services following Denis's petition

Northern Rail appear to be thinking again about their plans to scrap direct train services from Beverley to Doncaster and Sheffield after Denis organised a petition protesting against the proposal, which quickly gathered 400 signatures

(July 2017)

Denis launches petition to save direct train services from Beverley to Doncaster and Sheffield

Northern Rail is consulting on a proposal to scrap Beverley's direct train links to Doncaster and Sheffield. 

This will seriously affect Beverley's connectivity, and inconvenience thousands of local people.

Sign Denis's petition to ask Northern Rail to think again.

(July 2017)


Council ignoring its own targets for affordable housing in Beverley

The Council is allowing developers to build too many executive houses and is ignoring its own targets for affordable housing in Beverley. Denis raised this with the Council leader and is holding the Council to account over it.

(June 2017)

It's the small things that make a big difference for local people

Sometimes it's the small things that have the biggest impact on people's lives. The Council suspended parking on Norwood during the gas works. This made life very difficult for residents who were unable to park. Denis was able to intervene and get the Council to re-instate 11 parking places for residents on the High School side of Norwood.     (April 2017)

Denis launches petition against budget cuts of £14.9m for our East Riding schools

Government cuts to education funding will see budget reductions of £14.9m in East Riding schools. Beverley High School, and Longcroft School will lose nearly £1m in real terms funding by 2019, which equates to 26 teaching posts in these two schools.

Denis launches a petition asking the Government to think again.

(April 2017)

Celebrating with residents as Beverley Arms redevelopment finally gets planning permission

After weeks of working with local residents, and ensuring that their concerns were taken into account, the Beverley Arms redevelopment finally gets  planning permission. Denis and local residents look forward to this transormational project which will breathe new life into this historic building. We look forward to the opening in Spring 2018.                                        (March 2017)

Looking after the interests of Molescroft Court residents and the future of the site

Molescroft Court care home is closing and the site being demolished to make way for retirement homes. Denis met with the developers to ensure that vulnerable people living there are treated with dignity in the final weeks as work had started to prepare the site for demolotion while they were still living there. Denis was able to update residents on plans for the future of the site.       (March 2017)

Protecting residents against anti social behaviour

When the derelict Beverley Arms site became a hotspot for anti social behaviour, elderly residents became afraid. Denis asked the developer to provide night time guard and dog security so that residents could sleep soundly without fear.    (March 2017)

Giving residents a say in how developers' cash is spent

The Council has significant pots of cash paid by developers to support recreation and leisure projects in the community.

Denis is giving residents a voice in how this cash is spent and to come forward with project ideas.

(March 2017)

Supporting residents in the Beverley Arms development

Denis has brought residents together with Thwaites, the new owners of the hotel, to iron out residents' concerns about the demolition work, and to make sure their voices are heard.  The project now moves forward to the planning committee for a final decision.                                                                         (February 2017)

Victory for Denis and Swinemoor residents as green space development is abandoned

Denis celebrates with Swinemoor Estate residents as their campaign to stop the Council building houses on their green space ends with the Council withdrawing the planning application.

"Mudhills," on Burden Road, which has been enjoyed by generations of families will not be blighted by yet more development following the successful campaign by Denis and local residents, resulting in a withdrawal of the planning application.  

                                                       (February 2017)

Helping parents with their school admission options 

Molescroft Primary School is full, with 85% of applicants not getting a place. Demand has been caused by all the extra housing.


In discussion with Mr Loncaster, Head Teacher.

Denis wants parents to be aware of their options for alternative schools  (February 2017)

Who's the real opposition now?

Denis and his Liberal Democrat colleagues were the only party to oppose the East Riding Conservative's cuts to the public health budget. All the other parties in County Hall, including Labour, UKIP and the Independents voted to support Tory cuts. This at a time when our NHS is in crisis due to insufficient funding from central government.    (February 2017)

Working to keep Beverley safe

A shop window in Beverley town centre was smashed in a late night disturbance at the taxi rank. Denis is working with the Council to try and improve late night safety in the town. 

(February 2017)

Protecting Beverley's historic streets during the Beverley Arms rebuild

Giving residents living in the historic streets near the Beverley Arms, a voice in the hotel's re-development   (January 2017)

Protecting Green Spaces  on  Swinemoor Estate

The Council wanted to build more houses on the green space on Burden Road. Denis helped local residents resist the developers and preserve the park that has been enjoyed by generations of families. (January 2017)

On patrol with Beverley Street Angels

Communities are at their best when people look out for each other.

Denis spent a January night out with Beverley Street Angels; volunteers who give up their time to look after vulnerable young people in Beverley on a Saturday night.



Learning about the 

Street Angels project

(January 2017)

Holding the Council to account over the Molescroft link road chaos

Residents endured weeks of disruption after the Council allowed a housebuilder to take control of a major road building project in Molescroft.

Denis held the Council to account and demanded that lessons be learned for the future.

Denis welcoming the new link road after urging the Council leader to learn lessons for the future  (January 2017)

Working with community groups in Molescroft

Supporting "Tomorrow's Youth," a Molescroft community group

Listening to Town Centre residents

Making the case for town centre residents, concerned about possible disturbance from a former shop becoming a licensed premises.   (N0vember 2016)

Everyone's a winner

Denis lobbied the planning committee to get the best possible solution for local residents and the Beverley Braves rugby league club in their planning application for new changing rooms and club house on Molescroft Carr Playing Fields

(November 2016)

The hard work begins. Denis wins St. Mary's by election

Denis's term as an ERYC councillor commenced with a convincing victory in the St. Mary's by election.  

"Now the hard work begins, and I want to make good on my election promise of working hard for local residents and holding the Council to account."

                                                      (20th October 2016)

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