Welcoming new Longcroft School plans, and working to help groups evucted from Lower School site

As planning permission is granted for the new Longcroft School, Denis welcomes the world class education facilities for our children. At the same time he is working with groups such as the scouts and cadets who will be evicted when the Council demolishes the lower school site to make way for yet more new houses.

(November 2018)

Fighting Beverley Post Office closure.  Sign the petition

Denis and  the Lib Dem team  have launched a petition to keep Beverley Post Office open.

Post offfice bosses have announced that they intend to close the Register Square office and relocate to WHSmith. Denis met with the branch manager and is pressing the MP to take up the issue at Westminster.

The petition can also be signed on-line.  

(October 2018)

Challenging Government propsals to take fracking decisions away from local communities

Denis and the Lib Dems secured the Council's agreement through a motion, to oppose the Government's plans to take fracking planning decisions away from local communities.

(October 2018)

Building Trust

A recent Survation report finds that people trust their local councillors five times more than their local MP

(October 2018)

Standing up for residents wanting a quiet night's sleep

Residents living on New Walkergate were concerned that the fabulous new restaurant, Sonali Spice, had applied for an alcohol licence until 2am in a residential area. Denis represented the residents at the licensing committee, where the owners agreed that an 11pm closing time would be much more considerate and appropriate. Denis thanked the owners and wished them all the best with their exciting new eatery.

(October 2018)

Ensuring residents have a say on Cricket Club net proposal

Beverley Cricket Club at Norwood submitted a planning application for 12m high nets to protect residents' houses from stray cricket balls landing in gardens. However, not all the residents are impressed. Denis is working to ensure that all residents affected get chance to have their say, and has referred the matter to the Planning Committee.

(September 2018)

Intervening to get new estate adopted by Council, and footpaths finished

Residents living on the new Elm Tree Park Estate in Molescroft are frustrated that the Council hasn't yet adopted the roads, and that many of the pavements and roads are still unfinished. Denis intervened to move things along, and the developer is now working to finish the job, and the Council is due to formally adopt the highway.


With residents on Elm Tree Park Estate. The new footpaths were being illegally used by motorists, putting pedestrians in danger. Denis asked the Council to instal new barriers to keep the footpath safe for residents.

(August 2018)

Lending a hand to keep Beverley's streets tidy

Residents were concerned about the state of Champney Road. Denis got the Council's street cleaning team on the case within 24 hours. Linda Johnson and Dave Boynton from Denis's Lib Dem team also came along and did their own sweep up of leaves.

 (July 2018)

Working towards a speedy completion of new retirement homes

Now that planning permission for the new retirement homes on Molescroft Road has been obtained, Denis is working to ensure that the development is progressed as rapidly as possible, with minimum disruption, and that residents' voices are heard.

                                                 (July 2018)

Working with the Police to combat drugs crime in Molescrost

Worrying reports have emerged about open drug dealing on the streets of Molescroft. Denis met with senior police officers to ensure the police are prioritising and taking appropriate action. The public are urged to dial 999 if they witness drug dealing in progress.

                                                       (July 2018)

Asking for residents' voices to be heard on housing

As plans for the new Longcroft School are revealed, Denis welcomes the investment in state of the art facilities for our children, but asks why the Council prefers building houses on the site of the old Longcroft lower school, rather than investing in infrastructure for the homes that we already have.

(July 2018)

Helping to secure funding for a worthy Beverley cause

Denis helped to secure £25,000 of funding for the St Mary's Chuurch Lads & Girls Brigade towards refurbishment of their George Street HQ.

The Brigade has been in existence since 1909 and over the years has provided life affirming opportunities for children and young people from Beverley families.

(June 2018)

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